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Move video frame on screen during video playback

Dear all,

I am interested to implement an eye tracking paradigm, which requires a video frame to move around the screen while playing the video.

Does anybody have suggestions on how to implement this in Open Sesame? I am able to play a video and change the coordinates of the frame, but have not been able to change the coordinates while playing the video.

Kind regards!



  • Hi Marsh,

    I don't have much experience with video playback and manipulation of that. With which library are handling videos? I think cv2 can be quite powerful. I don't know whether it is possible (as I haven't tried it ever), but your problem sounds like you can solve it basically be restarting the video every time you move a frame, only that you skip the first X frames.

    Does that make sense?


  • Hi Eduard, thank you for your response! CV2 definitely is an option!

    I like your idea, I hope that the performance will be smooth enough. I will give it a try soon and update you of the result!


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