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Difficulty choosing the duration of word's presentation

Hi everyone, I'm having trouble with OpenSesame.
In my experience, I present lists of words to learn, each word is preceded by a sound, and there is an interferent task before the reminder. I would like to present the words for exactly 2 seconds, but I can not do it. I tried notifying "2000" in the word's sketchpad, as well as adding a column in the loop with the durations indicated, but also adding coroutines. None of these methods worked.
I put a screenshot to show you the progress of my experience. There is a preparation phase to become familiar with the study before the real task.
Would you have another solution to make sure that words are presented for exactly 2 seconds?
Thank you very much for your answer to my problem !


  • Hi Lea,

    What is the problem? Are the words not showing at all or are they presented for longer/shorter than 2 seconds?


  • Hello, thanks very much for answering my question.
    The problem was that words were presented for longer than 2 seconds.

    But I thought about it with my colleagues, and we found a solution !
    Indeed, we tried to select the back-end "legacy" in the tab "new experiment" of OpenSesame. And this method works, there is no more difficulty with the presentation of words. They stay during the 2 seconds !

    I'm sorry for bothering you and thanks again for your answer !


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