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Some useful R code (pt 2)

Hi all,

I've wrapped some custom functions I use in R alongside BayesFactor into a mini-package that you can find here>>.

The package includes the following functions:

  • inclusionBF to compute inclusion BFs (an R implementation of what can be found in JASP - produces identical results).
  • inferBF to test followup hypothesis based on the posteriors estimates, such as order restriction (based on Richard's posts, and point tests (which produces Savage-Dickey density ratio bayes factors, see discussion here). This is meant to be the step brother of brms::hypothesis.
  • BIC_BFs to compare models based on the BIC - > BF method (the returned object can then be sent to inclusionBF).

Would love any feedback (everything seems to work... but having other people test / code review is optimal - then might send this to CRAN?).

Hope you find this useful!


    edited February 2019

    Seems like (as an unintended side effect) inferBF also enables ROPE analysis.

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