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Python Crashing

I am attempting to run an experiment however after ever quickrun python appears to crash.
I have already restarted my computer (windows 10). I'm not sure what the problem is. I am also getting this error in the debug window " 2019-02-26 11:32:30,779:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 24.0 ms"
Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.


  • Python 2.7.13

    • Type "help()", "copyright()", "credits()" or "license()" for more information.
    • Use the "print([msg])" function in inline_script items to print to this debug window.
    • Inspect inline_script variables when an experiment is finished.

    [2019-02-26 11:31:00,207:process:152:INFO] Starting experiment as ExperimentProcess-1
    Expyriment 0.9.1b2-11-gc100ee8 (Python 2.7.13)
    [2019-02-26 11:31:40,575:legacy:185:INFO] sampling freq = 48000, buffer size = 1024
    [2019-02-26 11:31:41,446:experiment:450:INFO] experiment started
    [2019-02-26 11:31:41,447:experiment:454:INFO] disabling garbage collection
    [2019-02-26 11:32:30,779:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 24.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:31,457:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 37.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:32,226:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 19.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:34,308:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 28.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:35,076:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 18.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:35,358:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 31.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:36,678:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 37.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:37,447:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 17.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:37,720:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 20.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:38,604:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 40.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:39,375:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 19.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:39,645:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 20.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:40,627:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 27.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:41,397:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 19.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:41,673:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 24.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:42,730:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 45.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:43,509:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 28.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:43,779:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 18.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:45,505:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 35.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:46,275:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 21.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:46,546:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 20.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:48,267:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 27.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:49,036:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 19.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:49,316:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 30.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:50,976:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 25.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:51,750:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 22.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:52,020:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 18.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:53,227:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 27.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:54,000:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 20.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:32:58,786:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 48.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:11,384:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 46.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:11,654:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 17.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:14,345:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 21.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:16,460:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 25.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:16,737:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 26.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:18,569:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 25.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:21,220:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 22.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:21,490:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 18.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:23,217:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 26.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:23,989:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 21.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:24,275:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 32.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:26,130:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 25.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:26,404:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 23.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:28,302:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 20.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:28,571:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 17.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:30,746:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 25.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:32,891:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 17.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:36,467:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 24.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:47,000:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 26.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:49,513:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 21.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:49,780:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 17.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:51,888:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 21.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:53,661:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 24.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:56,357:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 22.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:57,903:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 17.0 ms
    [2019-02-26 11:33:58,673:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 17.0 ms

    Python seems to have crashed. This should not happen. If Python crashes often, please report it on the OpenSesame forum.

    time: Tue Feb 26 11:36:34 2019

  • Hi Sonia,

    The warning is in itself not a reason why the experiment doesn't work. It might be a problem though if you're experiment needs very precise timing.

    The python crash is unrelated though. Without more information about your experiment it is hard to say what is going on. Generally, if python crashes things are problematic as debugging is quite difficult. Have you tried running your experiment on a different computer? If it works there, your installation might be messed up. A re-install could fix it. Does the crash also occur if you run another experiment, e.g. the default template? This could also indicate whether it is the experiment or the installation that is the problem.


  • Hi there,

    I have the similar problem that averagely programme crashed 1 in 10.

    Here I attached my experiment file. I used 3.25 version (there is not image material in it, since I find I have too much image and fail to up load the osexp file, so I delete the image to make it small, but you can see my code).

    I find after around 15 times key press in the same trial, the refresh time become large, for example:

    [.......:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 980.0 ms

    And some times it crashs.

    Any help can I get?

    Is crash because I put too much images?

    Appreciated any answers. @eduard


  • Hi CHengyang,

    You have to many images open. You don't have to create a variable for every image, you can instead use a single variable (e.g. called image), and have each exemplar as a row in this variable. Then Opensesame can handle the looping over them. See the step-by-step tutorial to get an idea how this could be implemented.

    (btw, it might also be worthwhile to switch to another backend)


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