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JASP: Exporting filtered data

I am trying to export a data file in which I have applied a filter to remove the outliers. I would like to export it without outliers (with the filter applied), but as it is now the filter does not affect the exported file.
Is there any way to export the data file with the outliers removed?


  • Hi Francesca

    For these kinds of technical issues I usually recommend our GitHub page, but it's interesting and so I'll give a preliminary response here. First, I think we don't want to make this too easy, as tossing away data is a decision that requires careful thought. Second, I am not sure what is possible but I'll asks Joris (the brain behind the filtering).

  • Oh, I forgot: Joris is on safari, so let's hope he returns in one piece to answer your question

  • Thanks! I will wait for Joris feedback.

  • Hello!

    I am in one piece and can tell you that right now the exporting of data does not take the filter into account. This is not a bad idea however and I think it could be nice to have an "Export filtered" button or something like that.

    What would be the next step is to open an issue in our Github page, I could do this for you but if you want to be kept up to date you could create an issue yourself. What would you prefer?

    For now the best way to get only your filtered data out is to make the same formula in a computed column. Then you can use your spreadsheet editor to remove all the line that have your filtered-column as "FALSE".

  • Thanks for the reply. I will open an issue in Github as suggested. For now the computed column worked fine.

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