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Executing code at the end of every video repeat

I'm looking to have the volume of a background sound get louder after every repeat of a video and for the video loop to end once they hit a button. I have written code to change the sound volume and set the video to play on "loop" but the only options for the timing of code execution are "every frame" (which, when used, doesn't seem to allow the loop to end on a keypress, even though the video duration is set to keypress) and at "keypress" (which is too late for me, because I'd like the volume to get louder on each repeat of the video). The best solution would be to have the code execute after every playing of the video, before the next repeat in the loop starts, but I don't see that as an option.
Any thoughts?


  • Hi Mark,

    Which plugin are you using? I am not very familiar with video playback, but in theory, couldn't you just set variables in independent inline_scripts that are being called after the video finished playing, but before the loop starts again?


  • Hi,

    Thanks, yeah, I was trying to use the video-looping function (rather than put the video inside a loop) but I couldn't that to work properly so I created a separate loop and had code execute at the end of the video.



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