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Another Mojave problem - slow startup/access to internet

I realize there are already some bug/quirk reports on Mojave. But I think this one is slightly different.

Starting up OpenSesame takes ~5 minutes with my computer being generally frozen. After that I get a warning that OpensSesame could not check for updates, and asking whether I am connected to internet (I am). This happens on different networks, so I doubt it's a connection problem. I also tried rebooting my system but that didn't help. I also get long delays when clicking on a help button that leads to opening a youtube video.

After this slow startup, OpenSesame works well and smoothly, so I don't think that it has much to do with OpenGL -Daniel's suspicion about the culprit for Mojave-related problems.



  • Hi Elisa,

    Thanks for reporting this. Although patience is a virtue, 5 minutes seems a bit much. I suspect that the OpenScienceFramework extension is blocking things. Does the issue go away if you disable the extension under Menu → Tools → Plug-in and Extension Manager?

    And are you using a proxy server by any chance?


    (Ping @Daniel)

  • Sorry for the delay, I just checked and disabling the OSF extension didn't solve the issue. Not using any proxy.



  • Hi Elisa,

    Have you already managed to fix that problem?


  • edited November 2019

    Hi Eduard, I'm sorry it took me 8 months to get back to you! I did not see your response.

    The answer is no, I never fixed the problem. I had to sop using OSWeb (we were planning to use it as part of a short demo for a general workshop on running studies online and decided that we would not have time for it anyway).

    Really sorry again, will keep better track of my notifications


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