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OpenSesame Workshop on ESCOP 2019 Tenerifa

I saw that there is a workshop in Tenerifa on the conference.

@sebastiaan who is making this workshop? Are you attending the conference too? After a bunch of forum talk, it'd be nice, to come to know you personally :smiley:
For which kind of audience is the workshop?


  • Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for the interest! Yes, I'll present the workshop and also attend the conference, at least insofar as my teaching schedule allows (hopefully entirely).

    I haven't fully decided on what the workshop will be. I gave an introductory workshop at ESCoP 2017 as well, and I don't just want to repeat that. But it will be basic in the sense that everyone should be able to participate. Right now I'm leaning towards a basic introduction to OpenSesame, plus an introduction of OSWeb for running experiments online.

    More details will follow!


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