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Termic camera in OpenSesamr

edited March 7 in OpenSesame

My name is Jose Luis Vilchez, I have published several paper using your program (e.g., Vilchez, 2018). I want to use the termic camera Flick A320G to measure termic body changes in perceiving different attentional cues. The program does not recognize the interface, I have been proving plugins from PyGaze, Button box and Parallel port but they do not work. Any idea what can the problem be?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,



  • Hi Jl,

    I'm not familiar with this camera, but it looks like it supports a specific communication protocol (GenICam). So here's what I would do: Contact the manufacturer (or look on their website) and see if they have an example of how to communicate with this camera in Python. Once you have that, you can integrate it also in OpenSesame through an inline_script.

    This camera will not work with any of the plugins that you mention. It is simply a completely different class of device, and it requires its own communication protocol!



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