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Trial Duration Longer Than Specified


I'm trying to get my experiment to collect keyboard responses during the duration of a trial which should be 350ms, so I set my stimulus display timeout to 0, and my keyboard response timeout to 345.

However, my stimulus displays remain on the screen for around 1000ms. I tried changing my keyboard response to 245 to see what would happen, and the displays till remain for around 1000ms. I'm not sure why this is happening. Is there something that I'm doing wrong?


  • Hello,

    Has anyone faced this issue, and is there anyway to solve this?

  • Hello again,

    I'm still having problems with trial durations. I changed the backend to pyschopy and tried to halve the specified duration, which almost solves the problem.

    For instance, if I want my trial duration to last 500ms, I have to specify the duration on OS as being 245ms. This works for the most part, but several of my trial durations will randomly drop to around 200ms during the experiment.

    I really need some help for this. Thanks in advance!

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