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Mooving words according to letter orientation in priming task


I thought this time it was going to be easy but…

In a priming task I use two sketchpads.

In the first there is the primer word (65ms) and in the second there is the target word (150ms).

The problem is that words are not always in the same position between prime and target - it's just a few millimeters up or down according to the orientation of letters.

By example :

If the target or primer word contains "p" or "g" (downward oriented) the word is shifted up related to an other word which contains letters oriented upwards or no oriented.

In the script of the sketchpad I arranged letters oriented around the variables which stabilizes them :

1st sketchpad : text="p [target] f" x=0 y=0 z_index=0

1nd sketchpad : text="p [target] f" x=0 y=0 z_index=0

But these letters appear around the words and that was not the original purpose…

I would have liked to put the same color for these letters and the background but I do not know how.




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