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How to share experiment file and plugins with team members?

Hi guys! I am new to Opensesame and I need some help figuring out how to share experiment files with my team. We're a team of 5 junior scientists collecting data in 4 different countries.

The experiment is an emotion-recognition task with video stimuli. I'm using the media_player_mpy plugin for the video stimuli and the mousetrap-os plugin for the answer screen with the emotion choices. We're interested only in accuracy and reaction time.

My team members don't have programming or Python knowledge, so I was looking to find a way to do either of these two scenarios, but wasn't able to find a way :

1/ Develop the experiment entirely on my machine and just share a run-only experiment file (something like a packaged Windows executable file), where my teammates would only have to double click and start the experiment and run it like that for every participant.

2/ If option 1 is not possible, then I was looking for an easy way to share the plugins and experiment file with them, without having them install the plugins themselves, because I had some dependency issues with installing the media_player_mpy plugin. Is there anything similar?

Any other tips on working in Opensesame for teams would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!




  • Hi Ivaylo,

    If you're running Windows, then I would say that the easiest way is to download the portable "No Installation Required" package of OpenSesame. Then you unzip it, install everything that you need, perhaps even add batch file to automatically launch the experiment, and then re-zip everything and send this as your own custom package to your colleagues. Would that work?



    There's much bigger issues in the world, I know. But I first have to take care of the world I know.

  • Thanks, Sebastiaan!

    I think this would work. (I'll borrow a Windows laptop over the weekend to try it out) I don't have any experience with batch files, but I assume in that case we would just have to double-click it for every single participant and it'll bring out the subject number dialog box and allow us to choose where to save and how to name the csv file (just like when you start an experiment in OpenSesame)

    I appreciate the help!


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