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Touch response (sometimes) not working for one out of four ROIs with microsoft surface 3 tablet

edited March 14 in OpenSesame


We have a sequence learning experiment in which the participant needs to click as fast as possible on one out of four smileys that can appear in each of four locations on the screen (up, down, left or right). We are currently running the game in OS version 3.2.4 and 3.2.6 on two microsoft surface tablets (one with windows 8 and one with windows 10). However, sometimes the touch response to the "down" smiley does not work, the experiment does not proceed to the next item unless we click on one of the other positions (left, right, up). When restarting the experiment it might work again although not always. Any clues of what might be the problem here?

Thank you very much!



  • Hi Klara,

    Without more details it's very difficult to say what could be going on. Could you upload the experiment here, or perhaps a simplified version that illustrates the problem?



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