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Pygaze TSV File - Tobii Pro SDK

Sorry for cross posting this issue here

I am using a Tobii tx300 with opensesame and I am experiencing an issue with the way the TSV file in open sesame is logging information.

While the time stamps and the rest of the raw data is logged to the tsv file, in some cases this is logged in the wrong columns (see photo), when logging a message (e.g. start trial or stop trial).

I should point that this appears to be random, and for that reason it makes it hard to just correct it by writing a R script or something of sorts. It kinda forces you to double check and correct for this manually., by readjusting the time-stamp to it's column, the message as well as some of the gaze values (Gazepoints, validity and pupil).

@esdalmaijer do you have any idea of what may be causing this?

Just for reference, this is how a similar message should be logged

and this should match these column labels

Thank you,




  • Sorry the photos where not attached to the post.

    here is the example of the problem

    this is how a similar message should be logged

    and the column labels

  • Hello,

    I am sorry, I can't help. I just post because I am facing exactly the same problem with X3-120 Tobii tracker... And yes, it seems quite difficult to correct that through a script (I am currently trying in VBA).

    I am also curious to know the reasons of this.

    Best regards,


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