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Unable to open saved OS file


When trying to open an OS file, the following message appears. Is there anyway to solve this and gain access to the saved work?

Failed to open

Failed to open the file for the following reason:

  • Failed to load plugin 'form_consent'


  • item-stack: ``
  • exception message: ` Failed to parse line "set form_title "Consent form". Is there a closing quotation missing?

item-stack: exception message: No closing quotation time: Fri Mar 15 20:32:55 2019 exception type: ValueError

Traceback: File "/Applications/", line 170, in split File "shlex.pyc", line 279, in split File "shlex.pyc", line 269, in next File "shlex.pyc", line 96, in get_token File "shlex.pyc", line 172, in read_token ValueError: No closing quotation

Many thanks,



  • Hi Rob,

    Which version of OpenSesame are you using exactly? This should not happen, so if you're using the latest (3.2.6) version I'd like to see where this comes from.

    But don't worry: In any case, you can edit the experiment file in a text editor to fix the script. You should look for a line that looks (approximately) like:

    set form_title "Consent form

    And then add the missing closing quotation, save the file, and open it in OpenSesame.



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