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JASP systematically removes decimals when I import one-sample data


JASP removes decimals when importing the attached one-sample dataset (contrast.txt), see attached contrast.sav file. I'm running windows 10, JASP v. 0.9.1. is it a bug?



  • Hi, @mservant.

    I looked at your file contrast.txt.

    Use the comma as a decimal separator.

    Opening the file with jasp, the comma is interpreted as a list separator (CSV), loading only one variable with the integer part, without the decimals.

    If in your txt, replace the comma with the dot, for the decimals, the file will be loaded correctly.



  • Hi @MAgoJ

    Many thanks! One day every country may use the same decimal separator (we use the comma in France...)

  • Hi, @mservant.

    Also in Italy, the decimal separator is the comma, but if your data may have an interest in international publications (where the official language is English), the use of the dot as a separator of the correct number of decimals is a norm for the authors.

    If you use the Excel electronic sheet, as is often the case, to collect the data and then pass it to a statistical software (such as the excellent Jasp) to process it, the change of separator is simple.

    Go backstage with FILE and click Options-> Advanced settings, uncheck the check box Use system separators (which sets separators for your country) and in the Decimal separator field enter the dot.

    Click the OK button and returning to the worksheet, all the commas will be replaced by the dot.

    You can always change when you want and return to the starting point with system management of the separators.

    If you save your spreadsheet, selecting Save as: CSV (delimited by the list separator) (* .csv), you will have a text file where the list separator will be the semicolon (;) and the dot will be the separator of decimals.

    Jasp reads and uploads this type of file correctly, ready to enjoy processing it.

    Sorry if I brought you things you already know, but it was to complete the first answer.

    Bonne journée et bon travail.


  • @MAgoJ

    My confusion comes from the fact that JASP recognizes the comma as a decimal separator when there are several variables (and the file has been exported with something other than comma as list separator).

  • Hi, @mservant.

    Normally, in the text file the first row is used to report the name of the variables, with their list separator as comma, semicolon, tab or other that will be used in loading the file to create vectors and construct the matrix of the worksheet.

    In your file contrast.txt, in the first row there was only the name of a single variable, without the list separator, because not necessary. The loading has deceptively interpreted the decimal separator of the second row by loading the variable with integers only.

    If in the first row, after the variable name, there was for example (;) you would have seen your variable loaded correctly with the comma substituted by the dot, plus a second empty variable.

    If you have a text file with more than one variable and the separator is for example (;) in the first line, the separator will be interpreted correctly and if you have numerical values ​​with decimals separated by a comma, jasp will load them correctly and you will find your variables with dot instead of comma and interpreted correctly as scale (ruler icon).



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