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plug-in moustrap

Hello all,

Plodding on with learning opensesame (as a researcher who generally doesn't go near a lab this is interesting). Wasn't sure if to put this here (as it is about plug-in) or in mousetrap chat. I am trying to install this but not getting far.

What am I doing wrong? I tried two things:

1 Installed the folder into a variety of places (this became fairly desperate) and then cut and pasted this text into the debug screen.

pip.main(['install', 'opensesame-plugin-mousetrap'])

NB I have windows 10 and do not have the pathway [opensesame folder]\plugins; however, I do have share/plugins AND share/extensions = i put the folders in each of these!

2.I finally worked out I could search for mousetrap in the "Python package manager" which shows it wasn't installed, clicking on install sent the following failure message: I tried this in administrator mode. I also deleted all the files I had previously copied to the opensesame folders and ran it again. I am now at a total loss!

Python 2.7.13

* Type "help()", "copyright()", "credits()" or "license()" for more information.

* Use the "print([msg])" function in inline_script items to print to this debug window.

* Inspect inline_script variables when an experiment is finished.

Collecting mousetrap

Collecting python-xlib (from mousetrap)

  Using cached

Requirement already satisfied: six>=1.10.0 in c:\program files (x86)\opensesame\lib\site-packages (from python-xlib->mousetrap)

Installing collected packages: python-xlib, mousetrap


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