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What matrix reports JASP in EFA?

edited March 22 in JASP & BayesFactor


(not sure if this is the right forum... sorry!)

I am running an exploratory factor analysis using oblique rotation (Promax) and maximum likelihood. I am not sure, though, which matrix appears in JASP: pattern or structure matrix? We know that we should report both matrices when using oblique rotation, so this is a bit of a problem, so I am trying to complement the results form JASP with those of SPSS. However, the factor loadings reported in JASP do not match those I get in SPSS (EFA with ML and Promax). Similarly, the correlations between factors are very different between SPSS and JASP.

Since I would like to report the goodness of fit indices that JASP reports (which is great!), I would like to understand why I get these differences. The results I get in other tests, say, reliability, are identical both in SPSS and JASP, so I am confident I am using exactly the same data set.


  • I'll ask the expert, Erik-Jan! (yes, almost the same first name)

  • Hi! I had the same experience, but did not find follow-up answers to that question, could somebody maybe indicate the relevant documentation to get answers ? Thanks.

  • I'll also ask that this will be made clear in the output or the help file.


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