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audio stimuli error in opensesame

edited March 25 in OpenSesame

Hi, I am one of the beginner users of Open Sesame and currently having problem with sound variables.

The experiment that I am designing is identification training with sound stimuli and trial-by-trial feedback.

I am making several experiments with similar design but different sound stimuli. The very first one that I made worked fine without any problem. But now I am working on the next experiment and found out that sounds stimuli are not properly playing. When it is the sequence for sound play, some kind of clicking sound is heard and nothing else happens. Other sequences and feedback work normally and the audio file itself seems to have no problem with it. I also tried convert the format of the audio into .ogg (currently .wav) but did not work, too.

Anyone who can suggest how to solve it? Thank :)


  • Hi,

    This sounds like the sound files are not working. Can you try to convert them to .ogg or .wav files? Sometimes that solves the issue.


  • I just added the files into file pool and problem solved!

    Thanks :)

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