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Repeat Correct Coding Block until each color is named two times correctly - Stroop task

edited March 25 in OpenSesame

Hello people!

I have a Stroop experiment with 4 different blocks which will be counterbalanced across participants (do you have any suggestions considering counterbalancing across the blocks?). It all works great, but I have another issue I would like you to ask. The experiment starts with a correct coding block of 12 trials, so that the participant needs to identify the correct color with the correct colored answer button. After every given answer the subject receives feedback with correct or false. This works fine. However, I would like to repeat the coding block until each color has been identified two times correctly (total of 6 colors, that's why the block consists of 12 trials) and only THEN the next phase of the experiment starts.

Do you know a valide break if condition that works for this matter? Or something else? I've tried several ways, f. e. or the note "loops, break if" which directly adresses my issue , but nevertheless, I didn't manage to programm it the right way even though I did the same exact thing (maybe the feedback condition interfered somehow(?)).

I am a recent convert to OpenSesame and am a bit lost. Do you have any ideas for this problem? Thank you very much!!!



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