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deactivating mouse click to be able to type immediately in form

edited March 26 in OpenSesame

Hello all!

I am trying to make a retrieval test in which I show an image and ask for the associated object. I used the code below, but it requires participants to click first to the box to be able to type the answer. Pilot subjects found it a bit annoying, so is there a way not having to use mouse click and being able to type the answer immediately?

(ps: I saw that it's done by making focus='yes' in other posts, but I think it is not the case anymore).

form = Form(
	cols=[1], rows=[6, 1, 2],
	margins=(50,100,50,100), spacing=25
labelQuestion = Label(
	text=u'Which object?',
image = ImageWidget(path=cur_scene, adjust=True, frame=False)
text_input = TextInput(
		text=u' ', frame=True, center=True, stub ='Type here..',
		return_accepts=True, var=u'response'
form.set_widget(labelQuestion, (0,1))
form.set_widget(image, (0, 0))
form.set_widget(text_input, (0, 2))


  • Hi Irmak,

    The focus=yes approach applies to form_base items, i.e. to OpenSesame script. In your case, you're using Python inline_script, in which case you can accomplish the same thing using the focus_widget keyword when executing the form:




  • Hi Sebastiaan,

    Thank you very much! You saved me :)



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