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Recording webcam feed of respondent during stimulus presentation.

I am designing an experiment where the respondent will be shown some textual questions on the screen and they need to answer it using the keyboard. I want to record their eye movements during this process for which I am using the EyeLink 1000 Plus eye tracker. I also have a Logitech Webcam which I wan to use to record the respondent's face. How do I go about with the webcam recording?


  • Hi,

    Does Logitech provide a python API for their webcams? If they do, you can look there to find out how to communicate with it (which would take place in `inline_script`s). In a way, it is also an option that you start the recording before the experiment and stop it afterwards, but then it will be tricky to sync it with the eyetracking and the trials in your experiment.


  • Hi @eduard ,

    Thanks for the reply. I found a workaround. I have posted the solution over here

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