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Bayes Factors for non-parametric tests

Is there a way to get Bayes Factor for a Mann-Whitney U ?


  • Yes. Johnny has developed and implemented it. I'll ask him about the current status as far as the JASP implementation is concerned (the paper is at


  • Hi Peterose1,

    If you want to conduct the two-sample test, this is readily available in JASP. I am still in the process of implementing the one-sample versions - if you want I can link you some R-code that gives you a Bayes factor and posterior distribution.



  • Thanks, JonnyB. We are doing a 2-sample comparison, so can use JASP.



  • Hi there,

    I'm in search of R-code to output a Bayes factor with the two-sample test so as to embed it in my markdown doc. Would you mind sharing, or pointing me in this direction?

    Many thanks,


  • Hi Elise,

    The R-code can be found on the OSF page of the corresponding article (under review atm).

    You give it the observations from the two groups (first two arguments of the function), then take the vector of 'deltaSamples' that it outputs and feed it into the giveBayesFactorZeroOne function.

    The article can be found on Arxiv (



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