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Picture and question simultaneously on the screen


For one of my experiments I want to include a picture and ask one of two possible multiple choices question at the same time on the screen.

If condition=1 I need Question 1 (with 3 possible answers) and if condition =2 I want another question with different answers.

I could try to go around this by creating two different forms and only show one but I don't know how to put the picture and the question at the same time on the screen.

Anyone has any ideas on how to do this? Many thanks in advance.



  • edited March 2019

    Try to finds in conditions querry.

  • I'm not sure what you mean by that. To run them simultaneously? Could you give an example, please?

  • Hi Stef,

    That should be possible. There is no already existing form that does that, but you can start building your own form from scratch (checkout the manual, for how to). Basically, you would use the image widget and the mcq widget on different parts of the form.

    Does that help? (Sorry for the late response)


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