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Problem with parallel_port_trigger


I wish to use the parallel_port_trigger package to timestamp several physiological measure in my study. This is working fine on one PC but not another one (the one I would prefer to use). There is one main difference between these computers: The one with which the triggers are working has a parallel port which is built into the motherboard whereas the one that is not working has an internal parallel port card. Could this be the cause of our problem?

The program does not report any error messages to me when running the script.

I checked the forums for similar issues. The solutions I found here such as verifying the port address did not work for me, unfortunately.

Help would be much appreciated.


  • Hi Daniel,

    Unfortunately, I don't have much knowledge about parallel ports and such. However, to increase the changes that you get help here on the forum it might be useful, if you could provide more information on how exactly does not work. Is there an error message that you can share? The more detail we have, the more likely it is that we might be able to help.


  • edited May 2019

    Hi Eduard,

    Unfortunately, there is not much else I can report. As stated in the OP there is no error message. The trigger simply does not seem to arrive at the receiving computer.


  • Hi Daniel,

    what do you mean with "verifying the port address didn't work"? Are you sure it is the correct one? I've had similar problems and in the end one problem was that it wasn't clear which port the parallel port card is. These parallel port cards in particular usually don't use the typical addresses (and are often LPT3 and not LPT1, as far as I remember). Have you tried a parallel port tester? That way you can easily check different ports/pins and see whether the signal is arriving at all.


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