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Experiment design


I’m designing an image matching experiment using opensesame. If I have 3 conditions that I want each participant to complete do I need to create 3 separate blocks for each condition or would I need to create 1 block with the 3 conditions in that?

Condition 1 - image matching

Condition 2 - image matching with a verbal interference

condition 3 - image matching with a visual interference.

I would need to randomised the order in which they conditions are completed by each participant.


  • Hi,

    Both are perfectly fine options. Randomization is easier if everything is in the same block loop, but having 3 different loop also works. If you have everything in one loop, you have to make sure that the right things are presented at the right times. To do that, you will have to make use of the run_if fields in the sequence, or in the sketchpads. Have you seen the beginner's tutorial? It has an example on how to present stimuli conditionally on certain variables.

    Good luck,


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