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"Save as" path is not remembered

Is it possible to change the default "Save as" path of OpenSesame? If i create a new experiment and want to save it, the File-->Save As menu entry always defaults to the roaming profile of the user. I tried the following registry keys but they keep being overwritten if i use the File-->Save As menu item:




"default_logfile_folder"="X:/My Documents"

"default_pool_folder"="X:/My Documents"


"recent_files"="X:/My Documents/Stroop.osexp;;X:/My Documents/Testexperiment.osexp"

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



  • Hi Jos,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This is indeed a minor bug. I've filed an issue for it, and we'll fix it for the next maintenance release (3.2.8).



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