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Descriptive plots in the Repeated Measures ANOVA section

In the context of a repeated measures ANOVA with 2 RM factors , I would like to draw a descriptive plot of the interaction. The first factors (6 levels) in Horizontal axis and the second (2 levels) in separate lines.

However, there are no legend labels for both levels of the 2nd factor. On the other hand, if I make two separate plots, the labels appear.

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • I think this has been fixed for the upcoming new release. Let me check...

  • Hi Dendrite,

    Yes, this is a known issue and we are working on it - it should be fixed in the next release (0.9.3)



  • Hello, I've got it! It's only a problem of the size of the figure, you just have to expand it (stretch it in the lower right corner) and the labels will appear.

    However, as soon as you synchronisze the data (after any modifiaction), all the graphs return to their original (small) size

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