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Creating Go/NoGo task on OpenSesame

Hi, I am trying to create a Go/NoGo task on OpenSesame. And as you may be aware, Go/NoGo task has a NoGo trial in which absence of response (no response) is the correct answer.

I did read the "Define the Response" section from but I still don't understand how to define a "no response" so that no response is correct. In other words, I want the experiment set up so that in No Go trial, no response will lead to "correct" feedback page.


So So


  • Hi So So,

    What is your approach? What have you tried? there are several ways to do that. It depends on your structure what would be the "best" way.


  • Hi SoSo,

    I have faced the same problem and solved it by setting the value of the correct_response variable to "none". That keyword works exactly like a key name ("a", "b", "space" ... ).



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