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Using multiple keyboards


I'm building a group task (random dot motion) where I want to collect 3 individual responses per trial. Searching through the forum, I understood that using Chronos response boxes isn't an option when working with OpenSesame (at least not one easy one). Therefore, next best thing I could think of, is using 3 different keyboards with different key mapping for each participant to tackle this.

To be a bit more practical -

1) Each participant would have 2 response keys (6 keys in total).

2) Each participant could only make one, unchangable, decision each trial (first correct/incorrect response will be collected for each participant.

3) Trial should last untill 3 responses collected (+1 second delay) or 10 seconds have passed, whichever met first.

Should I expect any problems using 3 keyboards (e.g. fetching few responses at the same~ time)?

Also, say this is possible, if anyone has any ideas towards dealing with the programming side I'd be happy to consult with you (I've attached the working single participant experiment. It's just a matter of converting this to a group experiment).

Thank you,



  • O.K. so I pretty much got it doing what I wanted (1 and 2 for now). I tested it using 1 keyboard for now and it seems to be working.

    Still, if anyone know whether I should expect any technical issues using 3 different keyboards I'll be glad to hear.



  • Hi Omer,

    I wouldn't expect any problems with 3 keyboards, but still it would make sense to extensively test the procedure.

    Implementing point 3 shouldn't be very hard. Put an inline_script with the line: `var.start_time = clock.time()`before the keyboard_response item and then in the duration field of each keyboard response item `11000-[start_time]` and maybe another inline_script after the last keyboard_response item, in which you sleep for another second (using the clock.sleep function)

    I hope this helps,


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