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Contrasts & Post-hoc in case of interaction in reapeated measure ANOVAs or factorial ANOVAs

I didn't figure out how to do contrast analyses in case of interactions. I had the impression that we can only work on main effects?

Can anyone be helpful??


  • edited April 2019

    Hi Dendrite,

    There will be posthoc tests for interactions in the next JASP release (0.9.3) which will be released in a couple of weeks.

    The release after that one will have contrasts for interactions. For now, in 0.9.2, contrasts and posthoc tests are only available for main effects. To get more insight into interaction effects, you can use the `simple main effects` to perform separate ANOVA's for each level of a factor - this will tell you on which level of factor A you can find an effect of factor B. (see a gif here )



  • Fantastic! I look forward to the new version.

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