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widget text in same line

Hello everyone,

I have two different widgets text in a same row but they aren't offset ...

How can I aligned the two sentences please ?

have a good day


  • Hi Corinne,

    Do you mean that there is a slight vertical offset between the two pieces of text? If so, you'll want to take a look at this page:



  • thank you !

    please, how don't center a word because I would like put the word to left place ...

    thank you !

  • Hi Corinne,

    If you're referring to label widgets in a form, then you can use the center keyword like so:

    widget 0 0 1 1 label center=no text="Some text"
    widget 0 1 1 1 label center=no text="Some more text"

    This will cause the label to be horizontally left-aligned, rather than centered (which is the default).

    Hope this helps!


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