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Unexpected abortion of experiment during trials

Hello Open Sesame community,

I designed a fear conditionin paradigm and have successfully tested it on several subjects so far.

But sometimes, and I cannot explain why, the experiment just aborts telling me an unexpected error occured and that a file (I have six picture files and three audio files uploaded in the experiment) is missing. This has happened three times so far, every time at a different moment, every time a different file was missing and every time that exact file had already been shown or presented (so why would it be missing suddenly??).

I thought that this problem could have been due to some problems during the copying progress (I had designed the experiment on a different computer than the one I'm using for testing) and that I resolved the problem by deleting all the files and uploading them again on the testing computer. But it just happened again :(

Can you explain what is happening? And how I can prevent this from happening ever again?

I don't know if I can use the data of the subjects once I restarted the experiment at the point where it stopped. And I have a fellow co-worker who is helping me with the testing who is not familiar with Open Sesame and who could not just delete all the files and re-upload them again naming them correctly etc. (that's what I did before I re-started the experiment again) should this happen while she is testing.

I hope that this issue can be resolved and someone knows an answer.




  • Hi Esther,

    It is difficult to say what might be going on without seeing the actual experiment. Could you post the exact error message that you get when this happens? You will find the full error message (traceback) in the debug window.



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