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OpenSesame 3.2.7-py2.7 - Python crashes

Hello everyone,

I'm running OpenSesame 3.2.7-py2.7 on Windows 10 (with xpyriment background) and Python always crashes just before the end of the experiment (116th tries out of 120).

The sequence uses sketchpads and videos, it looks like something like this :

ISI - fixation point - videos (.avi randomly selected) - mask - images (.jpg randomly selected)


[2019-04-26 14:42:18,565:process:152:INFO] Starting experiment as ExperimentProcess-1

Expyriment 0.9.1b2-11-gc100ee8 (Python 2.7.13) 


[2019-04-26 14:42:29,993:legacy:185:INFO] sampling freq = 48000, buffer size = 1024

[2019-04-26 14:42:30,825:experiment:450:INFO] experiment started

[2019-04-26 14:42:30,826:experiment:454:INFO] disabling garbage collection

Python seems to have crashed. This should not happen. If Python crashes often, please report it on the OpenSesame forum.


time: Fri Apr 26 14:56:01 2019


I tried to downgrade (same result) or to use the last version of OpenSesame (worst because of unicode problem).

If you have any suggestions let me know 🙂


  • Ok, I just deleted 2 questionnaires at the beginning and now I have a new error and I don't know how to resolve it despite my research on the internet. Can someone help me a little bit please :)


    [2019-04-29 10:46:43,789:process:152:INFO] Starting experiment as ExperimentProcess-1

    Expyriment 0.9.1b2-11-gc100ee8 (Python 2.7.13) 


    [2019-04-29 10:46:48,190:legacy:185:INFO] sampling freq = 48000, buffer size = 1024

    [2019-04-29 10:46:48,611:experiment:450:INFO] experiment started

    [2019-04-29 10:46:48,611:experiment:454:INFO] disabling garbage collection

    [2019-04-29 10:50:56,170:xpyriment:79:WARNING] took 17.0 ms

    [2019-04-29 11:00:33,019:process:171:ERROR] An Exception occurred during exp.end(): 'Decoder' object has no attribute 'audioformat'

    Unexpected error

    item-stack: experiment[run].block_phase_2[run].experiment_sequence_2[prepare].video[prepare]

    exception type: OSError

    exception message: [Errno 24] Too many open files

    time: Mon Apr 29 11:00:32 2019


  • Hi,

    Is this error popping up consistently? Always in the beginning or at some point in the experiment? How many videos do you have? Can you try rerunning with fewer and see whether this does any good?


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