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Durbin Test - non-parametric mixed ANOVA


Can anyone help me in understanding how to interpret the Durbin Statistic table for a two way rmANOVA where using non-parametric analysis. What is the difference between the p and the pF significance values?



  • Hi HMStat,

    To facilitate the discussion it would be great it you could show a screenshot. We are working on ANOVA help files for the next release, so this may come in handy.



  • Hi HMSTAT,

    The p is the p-value for the chi square statistic, whereas the pF is the p-value for the F statistic in the table.



  • Hi,

    Maybe I don't understand well the output but I was wondering several questions related with this topic:

    Why is not possible to run...

    an unbalanced non-parametric mixed ANOVA?

    between post-hoc test?

    interaction post-hoc test?

    Thanks in advance.

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