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syntax to display a picture for only 1000ms


i have an experiment i built for an experiment i'm running, which showed 2 images in different sizes on the screen and then the subject needed to adjust one of them (the one on the right) using the mouse until they looked the same!

now i want to do something a little different - i want to display the first image(stim_pic1) for 1000ms alone on the sceen and then it dissapears and the second image(stim_pic2) is present and can be adjusted in size - as before.

this is my original syntax -

please help!!


  • Hi,

    You have to add an if statement to you while loop in which you check the time and present the first stimulus if the time since the start is smaller than 1000 ms and show the second stimulus if the time is bigger than 1000 ms. Everything else can stay the same.

    Does that make sense?


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