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1) sound recording gets overwritten __ 2) possibility of sound presentation with different timing

Hi everybody!

I am new to the Forum and to OpenSesame and I am encountering some problems with the soundrecording plugin. I have a picture naming task where I want to record the voice response of the participants.

Now, although I marked 'Append suffix to filename' on the box 'If file exists', my sounds get overwritten and I get only one sound file at the end of the experiment.

I take the occasion to ask another question concering the timing for the presentation of sounds locked to another stimulus. In my picture naming task there will be a condition where the subject will not respond, but listen to the computer response. My question is, would it be possible to have different timing of when the sound is played after the presentation of the picture? I don't want the sound to be played together with the picture, as I would like it to resemble a real response. Is that possible?

In general, this is the trial sequence of my picture naming experiment:

cue (to mark speaking vs listening condition)



sketchpad (with picture)


Thank you very much in advance for any help!

All the best,



  • Ok, first problem solved using the variables subject_nr and count_trial_sequence as value. But I still cannot solve the second issue. In general I want the sound to be played around 1000 ms from picture onset and while the picture is still present.


  • Hi,


    If you don't present any new visual information the old canvas should stay visible. That means, set the duration of the sketchpad to 1000 and put the sound file after (making sure that you stay in the sound file while it is played, that is, it should also have set duration).

    Does that work?


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