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Breakes/pauses within a sequence

Hi everyone,

I created an experiment in which I display some images and geometrical form. The subject's task is to click on a square when it appears.

So basically my variables are :

-pic number (3 conditions)

-Time between the apparition of the picture and the apparition of the square ( 3 conditions)

-x,y pos of my square (4 conditions)

So I have 3*3*4 condition = 48 conditions

I'd like to add another variable which is the square color (maybe 4 conditions) but it will take too much time for my subject if I want their attention to be maintain..

So I'd like to add some breaks in my sequence.

How can I do that ?

Thank u,



  • edited May 2019

    There are a few ways in which you can do this, but one of them is:

    • Before your loop, you can place an inline code to (re)-set a trial counter variable:
    var.TrialNr = 0
    • At the start of the loop (so IN the loop sequence), place an inline code to add 1 to this number:
    var.TrialNr += 1
    • At the end of the loop sequence, create a canvas with the text you want to display during the break.
    • In the sequence tab under "Run if", change the line next to your created canvas from "always" to:
    [TrialNr] = 48 or [TrialNr]=96

    (Change the numbers to after how many trial you'd like to offer a break.)

    Sorry for the horrible block quotes, struggling with MarkDown for some reason.

  • Thank u very much cesco !

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