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Sending triggers via C-Pod

edited May 2019 in OpenSesame

Hello all,

I have been working to try to sync triggers to a NIRx NIRSport system via the Cedrus C-Pod from Open-Sesame

I have initialized my experiment with an in-line script using the following lines

import pyxid
import time
print('loaded OK')
devices = pyxid.get_xid_devices()
print('device located')
assert len(devices) > 0
d = devices[0]

This code works perfectly in PsychoPy, and I am able to connect and send triggers (using the following code).

I then add an additional in-line script with the following code


to send the trigger.

I am aware that Cedrus requires an updated pyxid (available in their github account), and I have tried with and without the update. When the file is not replaced, a simple error arises stating the the get_xid_device function requires a string input rather than an integer for the port.

ValueError: "port" must be None or a string, not <type 'int'>

When the file is replaced, which basically changes the error line for

port = Serial(int) 


port = Serial('COM%d' %int)

the experiment fails to run I have checked and indeed ('COM%d' %int) is a string, which should satisfy the error.

Has anyone gotten triggers to send through a Cedrus C-Pod using Open Sesame?

I appreciate all the help that I could get.

Thank you,


  • Hi,

    > the experiment fails to run I have checked and indeed ('COM%d' %int) is a string, which should satisfy the error.

    Could you post the full traceback of the error message here? You can that in the debug window. This should at least indicate where the error comes from exactly.



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