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Change size of Video (and possibly add rating scale)

Hi there,

I'm trying to build a simple experiment where participants watch four video clips and continuously as well as after every video give ratings. I get the videos to run, but I would like them to be a bit smaller than they are now. I tried to play around with the experiment's resolution and whether the video should be shown full screen or not, and I could also just make the videos smaller, but this all seems either not to be working or seems too complex for this seemingly easy to solve problem. So is there any way I could just give the desired measurements in the code? I'm using the default media_player_mpy.

Related to this: It would be awesome if I could show a visual analog scale underneath or next to the video to get continuous rating from the participants. I am not sure yet how to get the continuous ratings (framewise?) but I would first of all like to know if such a split screen with a somewhat smaller video and the rating scale is possible?

Thanks a lot in advance,



  • Hi Lea,

    I can't really help you (never did such a thing), but I have the vague memory, that some other people on the forum did similar things. So if you browse it, maybe you'll be lucky?

    As for presenting an analogue scale with the videos, that will be tricky, using the default player. You could try using Python directly, e.g. with the opencv2 library (also for the size question). It is quite powerful, but also somewhat more complex.

    Good luck,


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