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finger/pen touch and release on a tablet pc

Hi, I am building an experiment on a Samsung tablet pc with Windows 10 in which I present a central square on a sketchpad on which the participant should point the finger (or a touchscreen pen). The system should be able to detect the touch and to present the next sketchpad where a target appears. The target is a little square that the participant has to detect with the finger/pen.

The participant should be stay on the central square until the target appears. So, I need that the system detects and logs the moment of the touch and possibly the release from the central square.

In this moment if I don't lift up the finger, the target don't appear. I understand that the touch response is like a mouse click, and staying with the finger pointed is like a null event... but is there a way to register what I need? or at least is there a way to recognize a touch and not a touch+release as an event?

Many thanks of you can help me!


  • Hi tania, I am closing this discussion as I have answered on your other questions. If you have more question, you can ask there. Thanks!


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