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".png" does not exist

edited May 29 in OpenSesame

Hi there!! Im a psychology student and i need help as soon as possible.

I've been having some trouble with the pool file/sketchpad: basically after importing the image files to the file pool, inserting their names in the variable "pictures", and using the command


The experiment crashes and tells me that ".png" does not exist. I've checked if the files are all named correctly both in the file pool and in the sequence block, the command, i've tried inserting the ".png" after the name of the pictures inside the variable... I'm panicking right now as this is a very important work for college and i'm running out of time.

My purpose with this was simple: I wanted to insert multiple pictures appearing at a random order. If there's any other way to do this, i would gladly be willing to try.

I even switched from the MacOs version to the windows as I'm aware of some compatibility issues with this software.

I'll insert my script below.

(Through wetransfer since i guess nothing's working around me anymore)

Thank you so much and i'd much appreciate any help i can.


  • Hi,

    The variable that you're using to indicate the picture (FOTOS) has many empty cells, i.e. from row 19 onwards. This means that on those trials, the file "[FOTOS].png" will evaluate to ".png", and that is indeed not a valid file name. If you want to have an empty placeholder on those trials, then I would create a blank image, say "blank.png" and then give FOTOS the value "blank" on those trials. Does that make sense?



    PS. Please don't use words like "URGENT" in the title or say that you "need help as soon as possible". This is pushy, and we're doing our best to help everyone as soon as we can.

    There's much bigger issues in the world, I know. But I first have to take care of the world I know.

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