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A question on "random if" option on the skechpad


I am running a simple recognition task in which the participant asked to recognize whether or not a word was presented earlier and IF YES, then was it on the left, middle or right the screen.

The objects in the sequence are as follow:

1-Stimulus (skechpad1)

2- Only to present the skechpad2 if the answer is Yes (R-Ctrl) to the skechpad1 otherwise, to present the other word.

Since the correct/ incorrect answer is not the case here I have tried to put a condition on the second skechpad but seems not working. Please can you kindly help?


  • Hi,

    What exactly have you tried? Could you share your experiment with us. I have a hunch what could be going on.


  • Dear Eduard,

    Thanks for the kind reply. Please have a look at the attached file.

    In sequence 1:

    Sketchpad 1-old_vs_new: a stimulus is presented and the participant need to identify if it is New or Old.

    Sketchpad 2- foc_vs_periphery: Only to appear if the participant's answer is Old (R-CTRL) in the earlier trial. The task is to recognize if the the old stimuli presented in left or right.



  • Hi Masoud,

    if you use the response to decide whether a sketchpad is shown or not, you have to put the keyboard response item before that sketchpad and not after. Attached, an updated version of the experiment that fixes that issue.

    Hope this clears things up.


  • Dear Eduard,

    Thousands of thanks. Works great!



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