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response time data interpretation

Hi everyone, I would like to have a clarification on how to interpret the data collected with my experimenti in the .csv file. I am referring in particular to the average_response_time and the response_time and response_time_target_1 . The first thing i would like to ask is if the response time is the the time appearing of the target on the screen and the keyboard response. If this is the case, what is the difference with the response time target? i am not sure which one of the two I should be considering. The second ( and most important) question I have concerns the digits themselves: I have read here on the forum that those numbers represent milliseconds but where has the decimal separator to be positioned ? what part of the digit is the integer and what the decimals ?

Here I paste a sample of the data in the file for better understanding :

average_response_time response_time response_time_target round_decimals

143585920334 143585920334 167868280411 2

142918467522 142251014709 64048409462 2

145005385081 1491792202 8327729702 2

Thank you very much if you can help me



  • Hi Lucia,

    As far as I know, every item has a response and a response time associated with it. This is just to keep track of when things happened. So, the variable response_time_target_1 is the time when a key was pressed on the item target_1. The actual response time (as measured by the keyboard item), is the variable response_time.

    Does that clear things up?


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