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Cannot run python-osc module on OpenSesame based on Python 3.6

Hello everyone!

I'm new using OpenSesame (I'm running on Windows 10) and I'm trying to run a simple python code (example code from the python-osc module) ( which is just sending random values through Open Sound Control to the localhost in the port 5005. When I'm running the experiment, the code doesn't works but if I run the same code in the Python 3.7 IDLE it works. The readme file of the module says that work on Python 3.5+ so it shouldn't be a problem. Also I checked that my Windows Firewall wasn't blocking OpenSesame and I have the same problem.

Any ideas of what's happening?

I'm attaching the code I'm using. (I cannot attact it as .py so I put it as a .txt file, sorry for that!)

Thanks for your help!


PS. Sorry if this post isn't in the right place, please move it if it's necessary.



  • HI Vicente,

    Are you sure you are using Opensesame with Python 3? Not sure, but I think the default behaviour is still Python 2.7. You could try to open a console and run "python3 opensesame" or something like that. Again, not sure how this works under windows, but I think you have to be in the opensesame folder to be able to do so.


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