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BANOVA assumptions in JASP


I am fairly new to Baysian methodology and I am wondering about i) general assumptions for Baysian ANOVAs (non-repeated once in this case) and specfically assumptions as the model is implemented in JASP. To my understanding it is under a Bayesian framework, possible to have an ANOVA model with different varriances for different groups. However I am unsure to what extent this is possible in Jasp.




  • Dear August,

    The ANOVA as borrowed from the BayesFactor package is really a linear mixed model. But in general, the same assumptions apply as they do for the frequentist version. Yes, the Bayesian approach generally allows all sorts of more flexible/appropriate specifications, but we are still in the process of working our way towards that.



  • Ah! I just found this, will delete my post with the same question.

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