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Mann-Whitney test

Hello. I did Mann-Whitney test using gender as the grouping variable and high-density lipoprotein as the dependent variable. However, I got a p-value of 7.10e-12. Does this reflect a problem with the way I did the statistic? What does the e mean? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


  • Hi, @kinda_trivial.

    For the available viewing space your number has been displayed in scientific notation.

    Scientific notation (also referred to as exponential notation) is a concise way of expressing real numbers with many digits that otherwise would not be convenient to represent in decimal notation (E-12 indicates eleven zeroes after the point).

    Your p = 7.10e-12, in decimal notation, would have been displayed as p = 0.0000000000071.



  • edited June 2019

    Hello Maurizio,

    Thank you for clarifying the question. It enhances further understanding of my output.

    Warm regards


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