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Problems combining two experiments


We are trying to combine two experiments in one, but for some reason it is not working. The first experiment was created using the usual Open Sesame interface (henceforth, Experiment A); the other one is a survey based Open Sesame experiment that was created using mainly Python script (henceforth Experiment B). We want to build a new experiment by copying and pasting items from experiment B into experiment A (A + B = Experiment C). Specifically, all the items in Experiment A would be the first part of Experiment C and all the items in Experiment B would be the second part of Experiment C.

However, when we try to run Experiment C, Open Sesame goes directly to the B part (where we have the items from Experiment B) , ignoring everything in the A part.

Any thoughts on why this is happening?

Thanks in advance.


PD: I have tried to put experiment C attached to this message but I couldn't. It is giving me an error (error 500).


  • Hi Patricia,

    My first guess is that the active parts of Experiment B have been implemented in the Prepare phase on an inline_script item. That would explain why they are executed first, before the experiment moves on to the Run phase, which would normally contain the active components. Could that be it?



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