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Error Message when trying to use multiple choice responses

Hey guys,

I am preparing an experiment where participants give a multiple choice answer and somewhere later, I want to use this answer and match it to specific text display forms. So participant A, who chose answer option 2, should see text form 1, while participant B, who chose answer option 3, should then see text form 2 (we don't expect participants to choose answer option 1, but I could add that later, so that this answer also leads to text form 2).

I have tried to define that within my sequence (e.g. text_1 [MC_response] = option 2), but obviously I have done something wrong or something is missing. The latest error message is called "'var.MC_response == "Variante" 2' is not a valid conditional statement". I have also tried to use only numbers within MC form and sequence, but that didn't work either.

I have also tried to write an inline script where a new response variable was created and with if/elif structure, but this worked even worse ;-)

Maybe you have some hints what I am missing?

Best, Mad


  • Hi Mad,

    You were almost there. You just have to put quotation marks around the values ("Variante 2" and "Variante 3") of the variable MC_response in the run-if statements, such that they are recognized as strings:

    Does it work now?



  • Hey Lotje,

    wow, that was really easy! It works fine now, thank you so much!

    Best, Mad

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