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Text Input Form - Suppress Enter Key

Hey Guys!

Is there a way to suppress a specific key within a text input form? I want the participant to use a enter button which I have added and also, since participants are expected to write a couple of sentences, I am afraid that some of them might want to use the enter key to place some paragraphs within the text. So basically, I just want that nothing happens when participants press the enter key.

Also, I am wondering whether it is possible (e.g. within the instructions), to place a return button so that participants can move to the previous page?

Thanks in advance, Mad


  • Hi Mad,

    Have you tried the keyword :


    Other than that, blocking individual key presses is not possible I'm afraid. You would have to either dive deep into the source code to make this work, or create your own, specific text input functionality. Also, generally, "going back" in experiments is tricky. You can better, move on by reproducing earlier input.


  • Hey Eduard,

    I can't believe it is easy like that... I have set it to "no" and well, it works perfectly. I didn't realize that there is such an easy way to change the code.

    Thanks a lot again, Mady

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